Intermediate Flanges Z Type D

  • Zwischenflansche Z Typ D Bild
  • Intermediate Flanges Z Type D
    for machine connections of balancing machines
    for manual clamping

    Intermediate Flanges Z, Type D connect RINGSPANN Precision Clamping Fixtures to the spindles of balancing machines as adapters.

    The component is clamped and released by activating the Precision Clamping Fixture ­manu­ally. The Intermediate Flange is available in four sizes and is capable of large clamping ranges when supplemented by different Precision Clamping Fixtures.

    Eight radial threaded bores are provided for the purpose of balancing the Intermediate Flange with Precision Clamping Fixture. The Intermediate Flange is mounted to the machine with four M 8 bolts.

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