RINGSPANN® Calculation Tool


Calculation Tool for:

shrink discs
Shrink Discs
cone clamping elements
Cone Clamping Elements

Our tool offers the following functions:

  • Selection of the clamping elements regarding type and size

  • Download the according product information (datasheets)
  • Download the according CAD models
  • Calculation of transmissible torques and axial forces on the basis of the customers shaft diameter with consideration of tightening torque, number of clamping screws, yield strength, material and tolerances
  • Calculation of transmissible torques and axial forces for simultaneous transmission of torque and axial force
  • Calculation of the necessary outer hub diameter
  • Calculation of the necessary hub width
  • Belt drum calculation
  • Hollow shaft calculation

To carry out calculations of torque, hub and hollow shafts, an account is required.

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